My Contribution

As an introduction after my SD Gundam GGeneration World, I’ve decided to talk about myself a bit.

I’ll be blogging in various places, but mostly here and the other site known as Janaiblog. Unfortunately, Janaiblog’s contribution is quite different from contributions I’ll put in here.

Here are the differences:


  • Anything that’s related to licensed materials, and official US release based games/anime/manga will be reviewed there.


  • Anything that’s related to non-licensed materials, my favorite stuffs, will be reviewed here.
  • Even though I am talking about non-licensed materials, I am going to be fully strict about sharing links of fan-sub animes, video game ISOs and ROMS. They are not to be posted here.
  • Magazine Hobby Scans DL Links, OST Albums DL Links, Youtube Links are allowed.
  • Discussing about “hacking” “modding” consoles/handheld are fully restricted. Any non-official sales links will be removed.

I think that sums it up. Look forward of me contributing two areas though!