Rules to Follow

When you are going to look/post into my blog there are some rules to follow.

  1. This blog is highly SPOILER based blog posts since I review anime of each episodes or even video games that I’ve completely beaten. Do NOT complain in here about how I spoiled you.
  2. Arial Amane is NOT a real person. It’s just a username pseudonym that’s used in this site.
  3. Trolling, Racism, Personal Insults will not be tolerated. If you posted anything that’s related to these terms, they will be removed. First warning will be sent. 2nd Warning will be “bannable” offense.
  4. Any contributions or questions etc should be sent to there is likely a chance that your e-mails will not be read.
  5. If you are posting comments here, you are expected to write in ENGLISH. Other two languages I’ll be accepting in this site will be Korean and Japanese. Other than those two languages, they will be deleted.
  6. Download Links such as ROMS/ISOs/Fansub files and subbed AVI,MKV, MP4 etc will be removed. 2nd Offense is banned. However, Magazine based DL Links and Music Albums DL Links are allowed.
  7. Discussing hacking and modding consoles/handheld are strictly forbidden. Do not discuss those in my blog.
  8. Youtube videos are allowed, however if they are considered as over PG-16+, they will be removed. No adult contents will be shared in my blog.
  9. Spamming Comments will not be tolerated.

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