About Arial

This blog is about anime, manga, video games, and any rants/announcement related blog.

I will review:

  • Anime that’s not more than 50-60+ Episodes
  • Video Games that I’ve played. I will only review and discuss video games that I have beaten. I will never review a video game that I have not played more than 2-3 days.
  • I will review manga that I read. You can recommend me to read something, but there is likely a chance I won’t discuss about it in this blog.
  • I will review K-Dramas. I love K-Dramas and I will review stuff that I watch. It could be really old stuff or even new stuff.
  • I will review other shows such as Kamen Rider. I don’t follow years , so please don’t tell me to: “watch Kamen Rider *Insert Title here* from the start”.
  • I will discuss any rants/announcements that I am interested in. I like video games so I might discuss that more.
  • I also blog about models such as anime figurines, or even Gundam models. I like Figma, Nendoroids, PVC scale figurines, as well as Kotobukiya based models.

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